Photography has been a great passion and joy in my life for some 35+ years now. From the ’70s when I built my own black & white “wet” darkroom, until today in my digital darkroom. While I particularly enjoy photographing wildlife, I’m also drawn to the abstract, street photography, macro, anything old, rusted or decayed, and essentially anything else that beckons my eye. Some of the images here are scanned from my early black & white 35mm and medium format film negatives, but most will be digital works.

I do not intend my images to represent the subjects exactly as they are, or were when I was there , but as my personal vision of each subject. While the essence of the original scene remains unchanged, I edit to enhance color, contrast and light in the primary subject of each image, and edit the background and surrounding areas as my vision dictates. I edit also to remove or modify any distracting objects that may interfere with the story I want my images to tell.

While I love black & white photography, I firmly believe that not every image is suited to that medium, so I work in both black & white and color as appropriate to my vision of the finished image.


I photograph objects as I think them, not as I see them.